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Vomiting in Old Kent Road.

Darko's last post is dated back to 2008... have all this years a dream, a nightmare, am I back to life, back to death?... Shioban! Shioban... where are you? I died and got back to life... or vice versa.

Shioban didn't I see you in the Middle Kingdom? Didn't I?

Where have you gone Shioban? Irish Muse?

Back to death from life... and a sketch she made in 2006, back the "deadly ol' smoke"

Back form the toxic earthly smoke, life deterrent, as I walk covered in tar and sweet pop music, baijiu.

Shioban!... you are young, I am gray....

Shioban where have you taken my bones? am I ashes, tar or smog?

I still have got that ugly punch you directed at me nose, that night at Kingsland road, I landed, smacked my head to the ground only to wake up at Lewisham... or near, Shioban, you crazy Irish death.... was it Old Kent and Rotherhithe where we vomited solitudes that night?

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DON’T PANIC POSTER “Drawn real-size on the theme of ‘war’, this is a hand-coloured piece using Copic and Pantone markers. This was a subtle way at getting back at some people who had been copying my work in the US.” See the website

Gianluca Fallone

Gianluca is one of the fresh wave of new talent we’re seeing coming out of Argentina at the moment. He’s self-taught and worked at the motion graphics studio Punga. Currently he’s with the graphic design studio Rock Instrument Bureau. During his short career he’s worked for clients including Nike, Pony, MTV, Cartoon Network, Zune, mun2 and Discovery Networks.“I love type and illustration, and particularly like it when both are present,” he says. “I’ve always been really inspired by music, it has been a trigger for many projects. Working at Punga was a great experience but my true passion lies in print, so that’s probably why I left.”Lala This series of images represents Gianluca’s friend Lala and various aspects of her personality. “She’s the weirdest of my friends. This illustration is just the tip of the iceberg,” he says.
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Wu Sun Kong strikes again

Monkey King, as mentioned in an older post, is a traditional Chinese story. Several TV series have been made on this wonderful tale, but this clip has got all my attention as apparently it is a part of the classic Chinese animation on Wu Sun Kong, The great monkey king...

I wanna live in America

The White Housepublicly acknowledged on Wednesday that President Bush has authorized the use of waterboarding, and that he may do so again in the future. The statements amount to an open admission of criminal activity on the part of the US government.

The acknowledgement from White House deputy spokesman Tony Fratto came a day after testimony from CIA Director Michael Hayden before the Senate Intelligence Committee. For the first time, Hayden officially stated that the Bush administration had used waterboarding on three prisoners in 2002 and 2003.

Waterboarding is a form of torture used since the Spanish Inquisition. It involves pouring water over a prisoner’s head to cause drowning, and has been prosecuted as torture by the United States government in the past. While the Bush administration is now stretching language and credulity to claim that it should not be categorized as torture, the director of national intelligence, Mike McConnell, acknowledged on Wednesday that “taken to its ex…

Monkey by Wu Ch'eng-en

Long ago, when I was a little boy, I recall watching this series about the Monkey king. Today I found the traditional chinese story of the Monkey in the bookshop. I must say that very few times a book grabs my attention from page number one in such way that I cant stop reading.

'Dear Monkey! He set out on his cloud trapeze, and in a twinkling he had crossed those two hundred leagues of water'