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Vomiting in Old Kent Road.

Darko's last post is dated back to 2008... have all this years a dream, a nightmare, am I back to life, back to death?... Shioban! Shioban... where are you? I died and got back to life... or vice versa.

Shioban didn't I see you in the Middle Kingdom? Didn't I?

Where have you gone Shioban? Irish Muse?

Back to death from life... and a sketch she made in 2006, back the "deadly ol' smoke"

Back form the toxic earthly smoke, life deterrent, as I walk covered in tar and sweet pop music, baijiu.

Shioban!... you are young, I am gray....

Shioban where have you taken my bones? am I ashes, tar or smog?

I still have got that ugly punch you directed at me nose, that night at Kingsland road, I landed, smacked my head to the ground only to wake up at Lewisham... or near, Shioban, you crazy Irish death.... was it Old Kent and Rotherhithe where we vomited solitudes that night?