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beyond the light

Nelson Pabon 1977-2007

Perrito!... un abrazo a lo Clint Eastwood en 'Por un punado de dolares'.
Pero como? Charles Bronson no esta en esa pelicula...
Queda pendiente la cerveza y bueno, pues aqui ya me baje unas a nombre suyo. Van unas canciones +1 bonus track, de esas que siempre terminabamos escuchando, intoxicados de noche y blues con Gio. Que mal, que mal que yo estuve tan lejos, y que bien nos pudimos reunir este anio, pero que diablos!!!. Queda pendiente la proxima reunion. Un abrazo a la distancia.

Espero que le guste la musica, no encontre nada de Kaleth Morales!!! (risas!)

I'll Catch ya later Tito.

These are the kind of news that can spoil a good day, yet my days are not particularly exciting lately (days full of pain and rain). Puerto Rican singer Tito Gomezdied today in Cali Colombia. Here there is a little homage to Mr Gomez. The song is Guarare, played by Ray Barreto's orchestra and featuring young Ruben Blades and Tito Gomez. Whatever Mr Gomez recorded with Grupo Niche is just irrelevant.

Were G8 Decisions Made in Advance At Bilderberg Conference?

Indymedia, 10 June 2007Major decisions about defence and economic policies for the entireWestern world and official government strategy for tackling climatechange are believed to have been made in secret at the BilderbergConference in Turkey just before the G8 summit in Germany.US president George Bush and British prime minister Tony Blair aresaid to have met with bankers, financiers, heads of transnationalcorporations, media tycoons and royalty to get their orders beforeattending the G8 meeting.The Bilderberg Conference met in total secrecy in the luxuryRitz-Carlton hotel guarded by Turkish police and plainclothes CIAagents, and no details of the meeting have so far emerged, nor arethey likely to unless someone who was present leaks them.There has been speculation that a possible attack on Iran wasdiscussed and there have also been rumours that Bilderberg may beplanning to put microchips in peoples' brains to control thepopulation.
There is also a story being passed around that Bi…



People from No Borders London are taking part in protets against the
G8 Summit in Rostock, Germany in the first week in June 2007.
Demonstrations and meetings around migration and racism will be a
major strand of the week's events. On Friday 8th June, there will be
a benefit night at RampARTs, London E1, featuring report backs from
the G8.

Films, footage & feedback from the G8 in Germany
Followed by a benefit party for the Gatwick No Border Camp - 19-24
September 07
featuring HEADJAM (dub/ska/punk) + DJ & MC set by DubNeg

chris ede

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer Chris Ede graduated last year with a first class degree. He is now working to develop his career within the illustration industry.