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Volan's last will.

This is a picture of the envelope I received.

On September the 29th I received a letter sent from London Metropolitan Police’s forensic department. The envelope contains Volan’s death report. I am still recovering from such a terrible moment. As Volan’s closest (and perhaps sole) friend I am in the obligation of publishing these lines on his own blog, as it was his last will.

In strange circumstances my dearest friend Volan passed away in the dawn of the 23rd of September in Homerton Hospital in London. His body was carted off from the churchyard of Saint Paul’s Cathedral after a mad night out with Siobhan (Sweeny), -an Irish-Scottish blues singer whose Volan had just met few hours before in the surrounding areas of Anexo Bar, close to Farringdon Station.

At the moment that the ambulance arrived at the place Volan showed a critical state and almost without vital signals dying a while after indoors, in the above mentioned hospital.

The death certificated shows a very cryptic language (to…

Beeree beeree beeree... N times... phew!

"The year is 1987 and NASA launches the last of America's deep space probes. In a freak mishap Ranger 3 and its pilot, Captain William 'Buck' Rogers, are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Buck Rogers to Earth 500 years later."

The excerpt above is from the introduction of a classic TV program. In 1979 Universal Studios released a motion picture named "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", also it was a series TV based on the original movie released by NBC for two seasons between 1979 and 1981. As usual all this junk came over the "Deep South" to enliven the existence ofmillions of children whose, eventually, were victimised during the horrible, wasted, hated, and moreover unforgettable 80's.

Gill Gerard played as Captain William Buck Rogers and Erin Gray as Colonel Wilma Deering. Alovely home-made character was the star of this sci-fi series (alright! some people may think it was not a…

and I will go downtown, stand in the shadows of the buildings

Get Lonely
I will rise up early and dress myself up nice
and I will leave the house and check the deadlock twice.
and I will find a crowd and blend in for a minute
and I will try to find a little comfort in it.
and I will get lonely and gasp for air.
and send your name up from my lips like a signal flare.

and I will go downtown, stand in the shadows of the buildings
and button up my coat, trying to stay strong, spirit willing.
and I will come back home, maybe call some friends,
maybe paint some pictures,
it all depends.
and I will get lonely and gasp for air.
and look up at the high windows, and see your face up there.

by "mountain goats" from "get lonely

Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki: From A’s paradise.

At the beginnig of the year I had the chance to wander around the Barbican Gallery to visit Nobuyoshi Araki's exhibition. It was plenty of very impressive photographies. The "polaroid room" was a small room which walls were covered from ceiling to floor by polaroid pictures Araki took alongside his creative life.

No Japanese artist is as provocative or triggers such extreme reactions. People either admire Nobuyoshi Araki, or despise him. Like one of his characteristic bondage-nudes, the life’s work of this country’s best-known photographer is laid out unapologetically in "Araki Retrographs," a retrospective now on at Tokyo’s Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. by Monty di Pietro

The ballad of the sad cafe -Carson McCullers-

Summer 2006 is now an annoying collection of memories gone by forever... the time to pick up dry, whithered leaves is here... time to be indoors with a good book (but fuck! I've gotta work...).

In "the ballad of the sad cafe", a tale of unrequited love, Miss Amelia, a spirited unconventional woman, runs a small-town store and, except for a marriage thet lasted just ten days, has always lived alone. Then Cousin Lymon appears from nowhere, a little strutting hunchback who steals Miss Amelia's heart. Together they transform the store into a lively, popular cafe. But when her rejected husband Marvin Macey returns, the result is a bizarre love triangle that brings with it violence, hatred and betrayal...

Born Lula Carson Smith on February 19, 1917, in Columbus, McCullers was the daughter of Lamar Smith,
Photograph by Carl Van Vechten. Courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division
Carson McCullersa jewelry store owner, and Vera Marguerite Waters. Lula Cars…

Edward Hopper -painting the solitude-

Hotel Lobby -1943-

Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967) was an American painter best remembered for his eerily realistic depictions of solitude in contemporary American life.

Born in Nyack, New York, Hopper studied commercial artand painting in New York City. One of his teachers, artist Robert Henri, encouraged his students to use their art to "make a stir in the world." Henri, an influence on Hopper, motivated students to render realistic depictions of urban life. Henri's students, many of whom developed into important artists, became known as the Ashcan School of American art. Read more...

Yira yira

Last night I did not manage to sleep -again-, this morning -which is now- a tune started revolving around my head as thought it was something I had forgotten afar, out there... the tune is "Yira yira" by Carlitos Gardel. "el sorzal criollo"...
Saludos senior Pabon-Rabon... ojala tengamos el chance de bebernos una fria escuchando al Morochito...

HOTEL- an interactive tale-

Submarinechannel projects has created "HOTEL 2004" an interactive tale by H.Hoogerbrugge.

"Flip is about to enter "hotel" to volunteer in a series of tests conducted by Dr.Doglin. He is the founder of "preconstruction", a medical organisation that investigates freak accidents. Flip will crash in a car. He feels a bit unconfortable..."learn more...

"Hotel" is just an example out of million of them that recreates narrative from another point of view. Merging traditional storytelling techniques and theories (let us say "diegesys" and so on) with cutting edge possibilities that new media; technically as well as theoretically; provides.
"Hotel" is a excellent website and I strongly recommend you to visit it.

Tasteful Cream to all my dear anonymous

I do not have much to say. Just to all my dear anonymous... watch this video out!...and yes! they are even older than KISS, but if you dare to tell me that they do not sound good 'cause their widely known age I am not sorry to say that you have not got a remote idea about what music is (you might think that Bach's Brandenbourg concerts are a pile of crap as Bach (who is that chap?) is very very very very very old. Wake Up!!!!. Cream is one of the best rock bands ever. I'm sure any of all those new bands wish they had at least 10% of Cream's musicians skills. One of the things that rock is losing nowadays is that, the mastery on the instruments.

Salvation scheme application form.

the path of the doomed. by Ferney.

I was waiting for the rain to stop when I received a phone call...

-hiya! you alright?
-who's that?
-I am calling from "heaven's customer service" in regard of you P36 "salvation scheme" application form...
-oh yes I remember, I waited for 23 years but noone answered.
-oh dear! I am terribly sorry but I am sure you understand, lately we are dealing with loads of forms, you know...
-mmm, yes I understand but it is my right to....
-Hang on a minute please.-ok-Mr M.I am sorry to inform that you "salvation scheme application form" has been rejected, it seems you have not behave in a proper way...
-Mmm but why? I thoguht I had done everything by the book...
-But do not worry please, it is our duty to be fair and to offer the best deals to our customers...
-Excuse me, with all due respect but my parents enroled me in that stupid scheme, I filled the aplication more than 15 years ago against my will.
-as I said before, it …

Eadweard Muybridge - A revolutionary of motion image-

Somersault, man” Working proofs for Animal Locomotion
Cyanotypes on cardboard mount

Freeze Frame explores the famous photographs of animal and human locomotion that Muybridge made at the University of Pennsylvania between 1884 and 1887. For 100 years, historians considered these photographs to be scientific studies of the body in motion. The Museum’s collection of Muybridge’s working proofs, however, suggests a more complex interpretation. The proofs, never before exhibited, were recently rediscovered and are shown here for the first time. Visit the website

Sealand - the smallest principality in the world-

Sealand is with no doubt the smallest country in the world.

During World War II, the United Kingdom decided to establish a number of military bases, the purpose of which was to defend England against German air raids. These sea forts housed enough troops to man and maintain artillery designed to shoot down German aircraft and missiles. They were situated along the east coast of England on the edge of the English territorial waters.One of these bases, consisting of concrete and steel construction, was the famous royal fort Roughs Tower situated slightly north of the estuary region of the Thames River. In contrast to the original plan to locate the tower within the sovereign territory of England, this fortress was situated at a distance of approximately 7 nautical miles from the coast, which is more than double the then applicable 3 mile range of territorial waters; to put it briefly, this island was situated in the international waters of the North Sea.After WWII ended, the troops were …


Angelino is a young loser amongst thousands of others in Dark Meat City. He squats in a seedy hotel room in the Latino neighbourhood of Rios Rosas. His dreary existence consists of zapping, mexican wrestling matches (of which he is a great fan), shitty little jobs and the so-called metaphysical discussions under the starts with his buddy Vinz...

The kind of things that are possible to do with a laptop and a good idea. MUTAKUFAZ a damn good animation... watch out the soundtrack, it rocks...

sleep deprivation No 435

Sometimes I have some sleeping troubles, some people blame the coffee, some other adviced hash, the neurologist gave me triptanol or something like that... I hated all that bollocks... Feng Shui -or whatever it is written- says that if your head is pointed towards the north you will have a golden slumber... a tight night... bollocks... Good luck Jesus, your dad is drunk!... have you got his mobile number? please!!!... Yesterday I phoned "heaven's customer service" someone picked up and asked me to wait for twenty three years... I found it a bit unfair...

-Hi, thanks for calling Heaven's customer services, if you have a complain, please press one, if you want to p...

Fuck this shit!....

Die Gestalten ::: a visual experience:::

screenshot of Diesel Dreams' video clip

Die Gestalten is a design company based in Germany, yet Die Gestalten's portfolio is made of widely known companies worldwide such Diesel, Uniqlo and Volkswagen amongst others.

The whole website is a cracking visual experience and the range of graphic solution applied is also interesting.
I would like you to visit a section dedicated to motion graphic, just right at the bottom of the page, on the left hand side there is a small video clip that shows one of the most beautiful animations made with typo. Just go here and enjoy.

Geweldenaren Van Ver ::: Tyrants From Afar:::

screenshot of the short

House of secrets, Maniacs of noise and Soulbase have created this short CG film in order to get an entry to the Amsterdam Fanstastic Film Festival which is held annually in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sketch of robot.

Geweldenaren Van Ver (Tyrants From Afar) displays an excellent animated short in which you can realise the uses of various techniques; from still images, plain actual video shots and 3D CG techniques. I cannot close this post without remarking a superb use of typography that is animated in an incredible way, just take a look here and surely you shall enjoy.

Slow wave: drawing your dreams*

"...Slow Wave is a collective dream diary authored by different people from around the world, and drawn as a comic strip by Jesse Reklaw. A new strip is uploaded every week on the first minute of Saturday in San Francisco; 3 AM in Ottawa, ON; 5 AM in London, UK 11PM in Bogota; and 3 PM in Sydney, Australia..." You can submit your dreams and if selected a comic strip will be uploaded soon. Slow Wave is a poignant website in which can spend hours and hours looking at the comic strips, honestly some of them are hilarious. Slow Wave can be seen by clicking here.

"...Slow Wave es un diario colectivo de suenos de cientos de personas alrededor del mundo y dibujado a modo de comic por Jesse Reklaw. Una nueva tira comica es puesta en linea semanalmente..." Cualquier persona puede enviar sus suenos; y si es seleccionado; su sueno previamente dibuado aparecera muy pronto en el sitio de internet. Slow Wave es un sitio bastante atractivo y posiblemente permanecera por un buen t…

Ma! I need my morphine, the sun has gone...needles & blades Autumn collection/06

Being self indulgent and very very apologetic for a two or three weeks absence (the reasons though were out of my own control and vary from a stint of repetitive head aches, flu, loads of work, and the end of holidays to of course a huge component of inexcuasable lazyness- I am posting a quick one.

This time I want to share a video by Morphine.
Morphine was formed by Mark Sandman and Dan Colley in 1989 in Cambridge, Massachussets. They combined blues and jazz and gave to the band a unique sound, the instrumentation they used was also very unusual which make its music highly poignant. Morphine was disbanded after Sandman's death in 1999 on stage in Italy due to a heart attack. Although Morphine was a great band it was not commercially successful.

Stop Israel’s war: solidarity with the resistance

George Bush has given Israel the green light to tear Lebanon asunder and to destroy the resistance forces of Hizbollah. By Tuesday, Israeli forces had killed some 400 people, the vast majority civilians, and driven up to one million Lebanese from their homes.
Israel has used cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs, deliberately attacked ambulances and reduced large parts of the Lebanese capital Beirut to rubble. Read more

Stasia Therese Angela Micula

Stasia Therese Angela Micula más conocida como Samantha Fox nació un 3 de Diciembre de 1951 en New York. Entre 1977 y 1984 ésta pequena pero voluptuosa actriz dió lo mejor de si ante las cámaras filmando una cifra record de más de cien peliculas pornográficas, alternando escenario con destacados actores del medio y siendo dirigida por reconocidos directores como Chuck Vincent (del cual me vine a enterar al investigar sobre Samantha).

Su tesón y entrega ante las cámaras fué justamente honrado al ganar en dos ocasiones el "Adult Film Association of America" a mejor actriz de "reparto" por "Jack 'n' Jill" parte 1 en 1979 y "this lady tramp" en 1980.

Luego de desfilar por diferentes escenarios Sammy decide convertirse en una artista integral y lanza su carrera como cantante pop, sobra anotar que aunque su carrera músical fué meteórica, más alcanzo cierta popularidad.(popularidad mundialmente reconocida entre los jovenes de la epoca, especial…

Allen Jones, a creator of saucy furniture.

Born in 1937 at Southampton, studied painting and lithography from 1955 to 1961 at Horsney College of Art in London, where the teaching method was based largely on Klee's "Pedagogical Sketchbook". During this period he travelled to Provence and to Paris, where he was highly impressed by the work of Delaunay. In 1959 he visited the Musie Fernand Liger in Biot. In 1960 he was expelled from the Royal College of Art, where he had studied with R. B. Kitaj, Peter Phillips, David Hockney and Derek Boshier. Between 1961 and 1963 he taught lithography at Croydon College of Art... read more

Frank Stella

Frank Philip Stella (born May 12, 1936) is an American painter and printmaker. He is a significant figure in minimalism, post-painterly abstraction and offset lithography (a technique he devised). Stella was born in Malden, Massachusetts. He studied painting at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and later studied history at Princeton more

Robert Indiana ::::LOVE::::

Robert Indiana (born September 13, 1928) is an American artist associated with the Pop Art movement. Indiana was born Robert Clark in New Castle, Indiana.
Indiana moved to New York City in 1954 and joined the pop art movement, using distinctive imagery drawing on commercial art approaches blended with existentialism, that gradually moved toward what Indiana calls "sculptural poems". Indiana's work often consists of bold, simple, iconic images, especially numbers and short words like "EAT", "HUG", and "LOVE" (this last shown above). He is also known for painting the unique basketball court formerly used by the Milwaukee Bucks in that city's U.S. Cellular Arena, with a large M shape taking up each half of the court... read more

Tom Wesselman

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wesselmann was drafted into the Army for the Korean War. Afterward, he studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and later at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science, Art and architecture in New York City. While still at the Cooper Union Wesselmann learned to paint, his initial purpose of going into art was to become a cartoonist. His early work was heavily influenced by the abstract expressionist painters, especially Willem de Kooning. His art became more popular in the 1960s and had his first one-man exhibition in 1962 at the Tanager Gallery, New York. After that, his art made it to several other exhibitions such as the Young America exhibition in 1965, Whitney Museum, New York. Read more.

Jasper Johns: an American pop artist.

He is best known for his painting Flag (1954-55). His work is often described as a 'Neo-Dadaist', as opposed to Pop Art, even though his subject matter often includes images and objects from popular culture. Still, many compilations on Pop Art include Jasper Johns as a Pop Artist because of his artistic use of classical iconography. For example, his flag paintings create new depth and texture to the American Flag. More information here

A great artist apropos of the new set of music for 'trapecista's radioblog'.

Kyle Ranson

Kyle Damon Ranson was born July 31st, 1969 in Manhattan. He grew up in New York and Connecticut and in 1987 began to attend The Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He dropped out after three semesters to pursue art on his own. In 1994 he moved to San Francisco and began to slowly root himself in the underground art scene. He became an activist and an outreach worker around issues ofhomelessness and needle exchange. Kyle still lives and works in San Francisco.

"My main concern in my paintings is the human condition and the crossroads we face, in particular.
We are complex creatures. We shout "Peace!" with bloody swords thrust in the air. It's a rare thing when we are able to contain our duel nature in a whole. My paintings capture those moments in between when people either throw in the towel or rise above, become self actualized. This in between place before decisions are made.An amoral place where you're just another animal doing…

Paul McCarthy (Not McCartney)

Here there are two great drawings by Paul McCarthy, one of my favourite artists.

Paul McCarthy (born in 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah) is a performance artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California.
He studied art at the University of Utah in 1969. He went on the study at the San Francisco Art Institute getting his B.F.A. in painting. Then in 1972 he studied film, video, and art at the University of Southern California getting his M.F.A.
McCarthy began his art career with performances that employed gravity as a literal and metaphorical vehicle. By 1974 his work became far more aggressive and sexually provocative. His performances have been described as brutally self-assaultive.

Land of Giants by Irwin Allen

The 22nd of September, in 1968, "land of giants" was broadcasted for the very first time on Sunday at 7:00pm in the ABC in the States. "Land of Giants" was created by Irwin Allen who also will be regarded as the creator of some of the best 60's sci-fi T.V series namely "Voyage to the bottom of the sea", "Lost in space" and "time tunnel" just to mention a few. We had the chance to watch them on T.V. -in Colombia- towards the beginning of the 80's but I have been informed by my parents and aunties that these series were also popular during mid 60's and 70's. For more info on Irwin Allen please click here. For more info on "land of giants" please clik over here.

PS: Irwin Allen's shows were also known for being one of the first shows which included African-American actors playing leading roles. -some political correctness I think-.

Luis Sepúlveda, "diario de un killer sentimental"

Diario de un killer sentimental: en esta novela corta, un asesino a sueldo rompe todas las reglas de su profesión al enamorarse perdidamete, y de paso lleva al lector desde ParÍs hasta Madrid y desde Estambúl hasta México en busca de su próxima vÍctima -un objetivo bastante escurridizo-.

De la misma manera en "yacaré" un detective privado que labora para una companÍa de seguros en Zurich decide pasarse por la faja sus propios lÍmites y siguiendo su olfato de viejo ex-policia introduce a los lectores en cual su cosmogonÍa gira en torno a los "yacaré" pequenos pero valiosos caimánes.

La verdad que me divertÍ bastante con estas dos novelas cortas de Luis Sepúlveda, en las que el autor explora el genero policiaco que siempre le ha gustado.

"Diario de un Killer sentimental". In this short novel, a hitman breaking the rules of his profession as he falls in love, takes us from Paris to Madrid and from Istambul to Mexico searching for his next victim - a very elusi…

Nossa!!! una viejera cortesia de KRS.

En companÍa de KRS hemos montado un par de canciones de antanio. "decimo grado" de Ana y Jaime y "otro ocupa mi lugar" de el recientemente fallecido Miguel Gallardo(el favorito de mis tias). Buena música ahora que he decidido limpiar mi habitación en este verano.

P.S. Just if AGK comes around... "O Barquinho!... Nossa!

Sunday 06:31am. Sleep deprivation.

Sunday, 06:33am. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. Who cares anyway. I can't be fucking bother. Today I stopped by the shop.
List of products.
2 brushes. (1 flat and 1 round) they were in sale. Flipping cheap. -the quality is poor though-.
1 set of indian ink. £12.99 but the set is made of 6 colours, the quality in pretty good.
2 pieces of mount-board. Cheap cheap material. I cannot afford quality paper.
1. little bottle of PVA. AKA fucking colbon. (it sounds like cold-bone).

From the off license
1. Can of tuna fish.
1. Bag of slice bread (it taste like a piece of carpet but without the pattern).
1 box of eggs. (I smashed one by accident so I'm not having eggs next Saturday).
1 box of paracetamol.
1. can od 7up. (If I had my own brand I'd call it 7down, more attuned to my mood).

I watched 15 minutes of Portugal V Germany and I found out that sometimes football is much better than Valium. Portugal V Germany = I fell asleep, consequently I managed to stay up from 22:00 (roughly) …

Going Home...***

"going home" by Ten Years After during their performance at
Woodstock 1969 -short version-

I recall watching this video almost twice a month in that bar in Bogota,
amongst the smoke and the smell of the cheap brandy, tacky perfume and
sweaty hands holding cigarrettes.

*** please stop "trapecista's radio blog" before playing the video.

Winter, sometimes I wonder.....

Sometimes I wonder why someone who has not got the guts to jump lives in a room full of windows?... Yeah God, I thought you were maths but now I have seen your real face... you are just an old fat drunkard...

Illustration by Ferney (as usual)

Siete cosas que nadie sabe de mi... (conque puedo mentir)

Aceptando la tarea que gloqui me dejo en la cajita de mensajes me dispongo a enumerar siete secretos que nadie sabe sobre mi (de saberlo no serian secretos). Para empezar, estuve dandole una mirada a los siete secretos de otros blogeros y la verdad la mayoria terminan siendo un listado de "siete cosas" que me gustan o no, o "siete caracteristicas de mi personalidad". Asi que para dejarnos de bobadas voy a revelar "siete cosas que mucha gente no sabe de mi" (teniendo en cuenta que el 99.9999% de los blogeros no me conocen en persona pues tampoco me afecta demasiado el resultado de estas terribles revelaciones -menos interesantes que las de la Virgen de Fatima pero mas trascendentales en mi vida cotidiana. Here I go....

1. Soy dislexico desde chiquito.

2. Las mujeres con la que he estado alguna vez en mi vida ya estan felizmente casadas y tiene hijos y hogares estables.

3. Estuve preso por 48 horas. La razon no es importante, sin embargo no me arrepiento.

4. Nu…

World e-book fair, download loads of books for free.

In order to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the publication of the first e-book, the Gutenberg Organization and The world e-book library have organised the first world e-book fair it will take part from the 4th of July to the 4th of August 2006.During this month users are able to download more than 300.000 titles absolutely for free directly to their computers. Once the user downloads the e-book s/he can read its content on the screen of a desktop, laptop ar a PDA such palm or windows by using a small program provided by the website and which is downloaded at the same time with the chosen e-book.You can access to the website by logging in at http://www.worldebookfair.comThe organisers are due to increase the volume of book up to 900.000 e-books by the 2009.The virtual library is made of hundreds of books covering a huge range of subjects and written in more than 100 languages.I had a go this morning and it really has what they offered, yet I have not download any book but I shall …

Balck dove, black dove. wherever are you?

I found this absolutely beautiful song, it's called "Paloma negra" "Black Dove" by Tomas Mendez. The singer is Chavela Vargas (pictured above). You can see a translation into english language below this lines.

I'm tired of sweeping and yet there's no sign of the sun,
I no longer know whether to curse you or pray for you,
I'm afraid to look for you and afraid to find you,
where my friends all tell me that you have gone.

At times I feel like reliquishing the fight,
and ripping out the nails that cause my pain,
but my eyes are dying without looking into yours,
and my affection returns to wait for you at dawn.

And you decided on your own to find a party,
Black dove, black dove, wherever are you?
stop playing with my honour, party girl,
your caresses must be mine, and no one else's.

And though I love you madly, don't come back to me,
Black dove, you're the bars on this cage of suffering,
I want to be free and live my life with whom I choose,
ord, give me str…

Hector Lavoe "La Voz" **

I remember clearly that day, it was Friday afternoon, my cousin had borught a LP (remember those huge black dics) in a blue cover and a typographic design on it that said "FANIA" and below it written in little letters "all stars". That day there was a big party at her friend's house, I was a little boy and I asked her about that disc, she said to me that was salsa music. At the time I did not know many things about salsa and moreover I was not even interested in it. She played the LP and told me several stories when "FANIA ALL STARS" came first to city to the stadium and made people dance since then and forever. She left our house that Friday afternoon and headed to the party promising to bring the LP on monday for I wanted to listen to it again and make a copy in a 60 MIN MAXWELL TAPE. That Friday changed my life forever, I came across the best salsa band ever, (a year later I went trhough a similar situation with the Rolling Stones and another LP th…

Illustrations, music, a double shot of Jack Daniel's and a Lucky Strike (no-filter).

I am pleased to introduce to you, my dear readers (which by now I reckon are four of five -excluding us of course-) my very good friend KERLMES*, who has sent the illustration displayed above. Kerlames has got a web blog plenty of information about literature, music, illustration, art and much more. So please have a go and get mesmerised by its superb content.

*mainly in Spanish language

Ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars...

Nothing is happening during this summer, humid, sticky and lazy. I am wasting my life, spending my time lying in bed, reading, listening to music and looking at the whole world collapsing while I rest my arse on the mattress... what else can I do? what else can you do?...

John asked me the other day...-hey mate so.... what is your master plan?...-, so I hesitated for a split second, ponder for a little while -I was trying to impress him- and replied,-well my master master plan is to go back to the drawing board and design a plan!...- he laughed and I felt quite uneasy, as though I had not blood but hot sand running into my veins...-ok John I have to go, take good care of yourself...- -Okay Volan -he said- so you going to the drawing board?....-

I launched a scornful gaze at his green eyes like olives and answered:-I'm going to a bar-

I am walking down the street, it is 1:30am, a black young girl stops me on the street...

hey fella... what are you up to? - she asks…

Ain't it shame....Summer is here........Aaaaagggghhh

Summer is here, yet I am not really happy, things are not going well but what can I do?.

There is a new entry, new music, and a new drawing by Ferney. (he seems to be quite busy nowadays to visit his friends).

A hot June damped by the Monsoon, full of football, (oh dear! I am still looking forward watching FOOTBALL.).

The musical selection* for this very week is made of the Scotish band Belle & Sebastian, David Gilmour's great Pink Floyd,the ex-gunners (Guns and Roses) Velvet Revolver,Gomez (pretty new band but very very good -sometimes it reminds me "Beck" -Not David Beckham of course),a bit of powerful punk by Bob Geldof's Boomtown Rats -Irish Band-, Lou Reed's Velvet Underground,a song by Nirvana from the "Nirvana Box" for those who say that the lads from Seattle never played Blues -and for a very special friend whose I believe hates Nirvana-, The Cure; because we all were lovely children (with good taste) once upon a time, British Sea Power to kee…

Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories

Again, I want to write a brief comment on Japanese literature. (By now; thou dear reader; may have noticed that I am plenty of time and I have decided to update my blog, yes! thou are right! again!.)In this very occasion Ryunosuke Akutagawa is the writer and "Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories" the book.Akutagawa (1892-1927) was one of Japan's foremost stylists -a modernist master whose stories are marked by original imagery, cynicism, beauty and wild humour. "Rashomon" and "In a bamboo grove" inspired Kurosawa's magnificent film and depict a past in which morality is inverted, while tales such as "the nose" and "loyalty" paint a richly imaginative picture of a medieval Japan people by Shoguns and priests, vagrants and peasants. Later works such as "death register", "the life of a stupid man" and "spinning gears", draw on Akutagawas's own life to devastating effect, revealing his intense mela…