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Uribe no!!!! no de nuevo...

Bien amigos, como todos lo sabemos nuestro querido presidente pretende ser reelegido, y como en el cine, en la politica las segundas partes no son buena (epecialmente si la primera parte es un remedo de cinta). La lista de segundones en el mundo es inmensa y no es necesario escribirla. Aca en latinoamerica tenemos muchos ejemplos, pero para no ir muy lejos, Senhor Uribe pilas y va y termina como Fujimori...recuerde que usted no puede pedir asilo polititco en Japon, quizas en Finlandia o Genova (Quindio). Asi que por favor senhor Uribe.!!!! Piss Off!...
No sera hora que Colombia este a tono con sus hermnos latinoamericanos, Brasil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia entre otros que estan dando el giro?. Recuerde senhor Uribe cual fue el unico pais de la region que apoyo la invasion a Irak... eso nos da una pequenha prueba de donde estan nuestros aliados.

La imagen fue tomada sin permiso de pabon-rabon

Stand still like the hummingbird

Yesterday, looking for a book to buy I found by chance "Stand Still like the hummingbird" by Henry Miller, one of my favourite writers. This book collects a series of essays and short stories which settle Miller's personal philosophy of life.

Amidst the selection of stories one can find in this book I want to mention "Money and how it gets that way" which is a parody of "economics" provoked by a post card from Ezra Pound, "The angel is my watermark" and "First Love". Albeit I have not finished yet reading the book I want to mention the very first story in the book: "The hour of man" This essay conveys a great sense of spirituality, it is simple in words but complex in concepts. The more I read Henry Miller the more I realise the mastery of this genious of the literature.

For all those whose are not familiar with Mr Miller, here there is a excerpt from "tropic of Cancer", just to give an example of Miller's pro…

Saturday, with a ocean of alcohol in my veins.!!!

Yes it is Saturday and I can barely remember what in the hell happened last night... yes Janis: What good can drinking do? but we love it.... I think I had a bottle of cognac, few beers, and when my flatmate arrived I gave to her a glass of white wine -also i had another one-. -Volan volan!!! are you alright? you are making strange noises...- she said

-What's up- I amjust drunk and I think I am doctor Zoiberg from Futurama - i replied-

-volan you need help!!!- she said

-no i do not need help, look I can drink it all on my own- I replied again having a sip of cognac.

Oh shit! it hurts... this saturday is like a fucking rubber band, it is not gonna finish ever ever ever.... it is too sunny but cold, and i can't see properly...It is believed that some people see double when they are drunk... I am that miserable that when i am drunk i can see just half. it is rubbish...Ahhhhh!..... I can't be bother to cook anything.
breakfast at 2:00pm
1 sausage. (frozen)
2 spoonful of rice (cold an…

It's so cool to use NIKE.

Adbusters is a political magazine, founded by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz that is published in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by the Media Foundation. It is an activist magazine, devoted to numerous political and social causes, many of which are anti-consumerism or anti-capitalist in nature. The Adbusters Media Foundation is a 120,000-circulation magazine, the founder of Buy Nothing Day, and one of the sponsors of TV-Turnoff Week. Adbusters is not-for-profit, and is reader-supported.Adbusters has affiliation with sister organisations such as L'association Résistance à l'Aggression Publicitaire in France, Adbusters Norge in Norway, Adbusters Sverige in Sweden and Culture Jammers in Japan.
The Adbusters mission statement:We are a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in t…

Deir Yassin Day 2006

Yesterday during my shift I took a little walk from Bond Street station towards Marble Arch tube station. Quite close to Marks & Spencer I saw a bunch of protestors clustered into a kind of square made of metalic handrails.

There were about thirty people singing and holding flags from Israel, also there was guy outside the square delivering some leaflets to general public. As I saw the guy I tried to approach but there was another lad standing proudly holding an U.S.A flag!, that fact halted me.

I decided to keep on walking and ignored the leaflet. Few meters ahead I saw another group similar to the one I metioned above, exactly the same situation -but this time whithout the annoying U.S.A's flag-. I have to mention that this small group was right in front of Marks & Spencer and they were demostrating against that company.

And old man came to me and gave a leaflet. I took them and read'em when I was back in the tube. The The papers egg on people to join the Intifada…

Hey gamers!!!

The other night, surfing on the net I came across an interesting website in which people can play online a series of classic arcade gamesfor free, yet you have to insert a quarter (I reckon those games are from the late 70's).

"Select your favorite game now to experience the original sights, sounds and gameplay that made these games arcade classics!!!"is the poignant banner that Midway Arcade uses to attract people.

I have spent some nights playing around with those games, so do not hesitate and have a go!.

The image on the right is from "tapper". This game revolves around a guy delivering beer to thirsty customers, whose once have finished their bevy sent the empty glass back to the guy, the aim of the game is to keep the drunkards happy and catch all the empty glasse on the bars. Beside this game Midaway Arcade offers other games namely "Bubbles", "Defender I", "Defender II" and "Robotron 2084" just to mention a few.


Goin' mad blues.

Okay lads... it is spring, the sun shines, it rains and it's still cold.....but summer is coming. There are more music in the blog. "what good can drinkin' do" by Janis Joplin,"black country woman" by Led Zeppelin-my favourite-,"picture book" by the Kinks-I told ya! CK finally I posted it-, "ribcage" -remeber? we used to listen to this song in summer after the beer- byelbow -this band is pretty much new but still very very good-, "space truckin'" bydeep purple -because we all do love the 70's pure rock... don't we?, and finally the awesome band Creamwith "sunshine of your love".

I do not think this post needs translation.


Babel.... I really need to finish this thing soon. It is killing me

Oh God, I am very ill, I rang sick today, so I had better stay at home, it is raining out there and this bloody flu is killing me, guess what! yes... im cooking pasta and i am gonna top it up with tuna fish. -okay CK you told me one night "...tuna fish, just like your dreams..."-. What the helI!!! I really need to finish this animation whithin 15 days. I am not really sure I can make it but I will do my best.

This is just a frame, if you want to see a little bit of it click here. It takes ages to download, "it takes a train to cry" Bob Dylan said. Whoever takes a look at it just opine and let me know what you think.

By the way, I had a horrible day two days ago, bad, you know, those kind of days when you whish you had not had to get up.... but you did so then you pay the consequences...


Dios, estoy muy enfermo, tuve que llamar a la oficina y reportarme como incapacitado, mejor me quedo en casa, esta lloviendo y esta maldita gripa me esta matando, adivinen que? …

White Nights. by Paul Auster.


No one here,
and the body says: whatever is said
is not to be said. But no one
is a body as well, and what the body says
is heard by no one
but you.

Snowfall and night. The repetition
of a murder
among the trees. The pen
moves across the earth: it no longer knows
what will happen, and the hand that holds it
has disappeared.

Nevertheless, it writes.
It writes: in the beginning,
among the trees, a body came walking
from the night. It writes:
the body's whiteness
is the color of earth. It is earth,
and the earth writes: everything
is the color of silence.

I am no longer here. I have never said
what you say
I have said. And yet, the body is a place
where nothing dies. And each night,
from the silence of the trees, you know
that my voice
comes walking toward you.

Paul Auster.

Paul Auster is the author of Disappearances: Selected Poems (1988) which offers a large sampling from the many books of poetry he published in the 1970's. His novels include Timbuktu (1999), Mr. Vertigo (1994), Leviat…