Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Volan's last will.

This is a picture of the envelope I received.

On September the 29th I received a letter sent from London Metropolitan Police’s forensic department. The envelope contains Volan’s death report. I am still recovering from such a terrible moment. As Volan’s closest (and perhaps sole) friend I am in the obligation of publishing these lines on his own blog, as it was his last will.

In strange circumstances my dearest friend Volan passed away in the dawn of the 23rd of September in Homerton Hospital in London. His body was carted off from the churchyard of Saint Paul’s Cathedral after a mad night out with Siobhan (Sweeny), -an Irish-Scottish blues singer whose Volan had just met few hours before in the surrounding areas of Anexo Bar, close to Farringdon Station.

At the moment that the ambulance arrived at the place Volan showed a critical state and almost without vital signals dying
a while after indoors, in the above mentioned hospital.

The death certificated shows a very cryptic language (too technical for a librarian as I am) yet, as far as I am concerned, Volan died due to a heart attack after an excessive intake of various types of alcohol and methedrine, in which is considered a typical suicide.

Miss Sweeny is still being questioned by the London Metropolitan Police in order to obtain more information that leads to know the events previous to his decease.

As I mentioned above, it is my obligation to keep on updating his web blog. To carry out such a pious duty Volan left clear instructions in a letter he kept on him the tragic night. In the letter he forwarded to me all the information I need to access to his personal files, (this includes private information, passwords, phone numbers, and a very tidy list of files in his personal computer.)

The letter I mentioned above was picked up at the Forensic Department on Wednesday the 27th of September beside a mobile phone, wallet, house keys and other belongings (he never used watch though).

It is not my intention to re-create a profile of this bright young boy who ended his life in such a sorrowful way, but to re-publish the documents he intended to share in the cyberspace.

Please keep on visiting this memorial blog.

God rests his soul.

(Rest in peace).

Signed on October the 9th 2006.
Darko Ljubicic.