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DON’T PANIC POSTER “Drawn real-size on the theme of ‘war’, this is a hand-coloured piece using Copic and Pantone markers. This was a subtle way at getting back at some people who had been copying my work in the US.” See the website

Gianluca Fallone

Gianluca is one of the fresh wave of new talent we’re seeing coming out of Argentina at the moment. He’s self-taught and worked at the motion graphics studio Punga. Currently he’s with the graphic design studio Rock Instrument Bureau. During his short career he’s worked for clients including Nike, Pony, MTV, Cartoon Network, Zune, mun2 and Discovery Networks.“I love type and illustration, and particularly like it when both are present,” he says. “I’ve always been really inspired by music, it has been a trigger for many projects. Working at Punga was a great experience but my true passion lies in print, so that’s probably why I left.”Lala This series of images represents Gianluca’s friend Lala and various aspects of her personality. “She’s the weirdest of my friends. This illustration is just the tip of the iceberg,” he says.
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Wu Sun Kong strikes again

Monkey King, as mentioned in an older post, is a traditional Chinese story. Several TV series have been made on this wonderful tale, but this clip has got all my attention as apparently it is a part of the classic Chinese animation on Wu Sun Kong, The great monkey king...