Monday, April 30, 2007

Anatomy of a Murder

Title Sequence by Saul Bass for the movie 'Anatomy of a murder' (1959).


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Teodoru badiu

Badiu's work is a mixture between Cinema 4D and Illustrator, the result is a range of mix media images that Badiu communicate his ideas affectively. (see).

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

bullets and drops II

It was three forty five in the morning when the mobile phone rang, it was Frank again... but what in the hell does he want at this time of the night?...

Frank: What ya doin'?

Volan: What ya think pussy?

Frank: Sorry for disturbing, but er...well...
Volan: Don't be sorry, just do not do it again.
Frank: I met Lady Miss Happiness today...

At that point I hung up.... went to the kitchen, made a coffee, no sugar, no milk... three forty eight a.m, the phone rang again.

Volan: What in the fuck are you talking about.

Frank: Mmmm do you remember her?... she used to be a pain in the ass.

Volan: Well she is.

Frank: She asked whether you are fine...

Volan: What ya said?

Frank: I haven't seen him for ages I said.
Volan: Hey... good girl you are...

there was a silence for a minute or two...

volan: ya there?

Frank: yes i am... er...well.... I need a favor from you,

Volan: Look man, it is almost four in the morning... could not you have called me in the afternoon?
Frank: sorry for disturbing

Volan: what you want?
Frank: Can I borrow you gun?
Volan: what?......

I had a sip of coffee, lighted another cigarrette, walked towards the window and leaned on the window's sill, it was raining and I imagine that the little drops on the double glazing were Miss Happiness.

Frank: Hey...are ya there?

Volan: What do you need it for?

Frank: I am gonna swip her from the face of earth
Volan: But why? Leave her alone, she is Just an stupid gal, she's just a poor sap.

Frank: Can I get it or not?

Volan: Well, but make it clean...right, I do want no troubles... right?

Frank: Cheers mate!...I will pick it up tomorrow morning...

Volan: Ok bye!

Frank: Bye.

I walked towards the chest and hovered for a little while, recalling where the gun I opened the chest's door the phone rang again, it was Frank again.

volan: What is the fucking matter now?
Frank: Please, do not forget the bullets...please.
Volan: okay, bye.

I hanged up and took the gun out of the drawer, turned around a bit to the mirror, rose my letf hand holding firmily the gun
and pointed to my image on the mirror.

The next day Frank came to my house and picked up the gun promising to bring it back before midnight.

Frank: Im gonna blow her head off... She is at home right now, thanks volan, see you later man!....thanks again.
Volan: Go away!, and remember I do not want troubles.
Frank: No worries, bye.

I spent the afternoon drinking in my room, I was quite drunk after half bottle of Jack Daniel's, all in a sudden the phone rang twice, before the bell rang for a third one I picked up.

Volan: Hello?
Miss H: Hi Volan, I was worried about you, how is it going?

Volan: Worried? yes i bet you were, mmm... m... i'm fine thanks.

MIss H: Are you drinking?

Volan: Yes, so what?

Miss H: Have not you learned your lesson.? Volan: Listen, dear, do not give me that shit now okay?
Miss H: I want to see you, Can I go to your place?
Volan: Where are you?

Miss H: I am at home.

Volan: At home...., right, look I am pretty drunk I think you'd better stay there, also it is quite cold and it has not stopped rainning since last night.

Miss H: Come on Volan, I want to see you...
Volan: Okay, let's meet up tomorrow afternoon, we can have a beer or two and....

MIss H: Hang on a minute, there is someone knocking the door, I will be right back.
Volan: OKay okay, I'm waiting then.

Having said that I had a sip of Jack Daniel's and hanged up thinking about the things I had to do next day during the afternoon.



Friday, April 27, 2007

dazed and confused

Ohhh dear!.... the greatest rock band ever rocked like this!


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Screen-print effects

Check out this tutorial. Taken from 'computer arts' magazine.

Screen printing is a tricky, messy process, but it’s the less than perfect areas that create that distinctive look. Here, Computer Arts regular Derek Lea reveals how to simulate silk-screened imperfections in Photoshop... (start)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sahatarchi pittarong

Sahatarch Pittarong, 23, is a freelance illustrator and a graphic designer. Check out his website. Awesome indeed.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

trippy intro

I came across this cracking intro from 'the Simpsons'. Awesome!!!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

let's give a break to our mother

This is an e-mail and digital invitation going on around the world. Let's switch off the lights, tv, lap tops and other electrical devices tomorrow the 17th of April 2007 from 19:53 to 20:00. It is just 7 minutes and the benefits for the planet will be notorious. Please spread the word!.

I am not fond chained e-mails but I reckon this is a very good reason.

Esta es una cyber-invitacion que esta dandole la vuelta a mundo. Apagemos las luces, televisores, computadores personales y demas aparatos electricos manana 17 de Abril de 2007 desde las 19:53 hasta las 20:00. Son solo 7 minutos y los beneficios para el planeta seran notorios. Comuniquenlo a sus amigos, envien e-mails o escribanlo en sus blogs...

No soy muy amigo de las cadenas de correos electronicos pero considero que esta es una buena causa.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pedro Infante -amor de mis amores-

Entrada para conmemorar los 50 anos de la desaparicion de Pedro Infante.

This is a Pedro Infante memorial post. He died 50 years ago. One of the best voices of all times.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

get the glass

Get the glass es un juego de mesa producido en 3d como parte de la nueva campana de 'got milk' en USA. El objetivo del juego es conducir a la familia Adachi sobre el tablero hacia la nevera, entonces ellos pueden obtener la leche.

Usando el raton, el jugador lanza el dado y empieza a avanzar. Al ir avanzando, las casillas generan uno de tres tipos de cartas. Las cartas de la suerte autorizan al jugador para avanzar, las cartas malas devuelven al jugador y las cartas 'inteligentes' requieren que el jugador resuelva una pregunta y asi continuar. Los agentes que cuidan el refrigerador van tras las huellas del jugador y estan al acecho... el resto es innecesario... Interesante el juegito, eso si...toma su tiempo. Los graficos son impresionantes, la interactividad muy interesante al igual que toda la narrativa que maneja. 'Get the glass' es una muy buena respuesta al problema de como implementar un juego de mesa en una pieza grafica digital interactiva agregandole contenidos que las nuevas herramientan ofrecen.

Get the Glass is a 3D board game produced as a part of a new Got Milk advertising campaign in the US. The object of the game is to get the Adachi family around the board and into Fort Fridge so that they can...erm...Get the Glass.

Using the mouse, you throw a single die to move around the board. Most squares result in the picking of one of three types of cards: Fortune cards move you forward, Misfortune cards move you back, and Mastermind cards require you to solve a puzzle. Hot on your tail are the Fort Fridge security guards who will throw you into Milkatraz if they catch up with you. End up there three times and your quest is over. Turns are interspersed with a series of mini-games which you will need to complete successfully to proceed.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jim's collection of Worst Album covers of all time

Por ahi dando tumbos en la red me encontre con esta deliciosa pagina, una coleccion de las peores caratulas de discos de todos los timepos. (yo incluiria algunas mas).

Browsing again I found this nice site with a delightful series of appalling album covers.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

9 de abril 1948 el dia que se jodio colombia

9 de Abril, una fecha que debemos recordar toda nuestra vida. El caudillo del pueblo, Jorge Eliecer Gaitan habia sido asesinado una lluviosa y sucia tarde de abril. Eso dia nos jodimos, o mejor nos jodieron. Desde ese dia, este pais, olvidado por Dios se desangra en un guerra civil. De esos tiempos se recuerda la lucha entre Liberales y Conservadores, ese tiempo se ha llamado 'la violencia'. La gran mayoria de Colombianos somos descendientes de esa generacion tragica, de esa generacion que hizo del imperio de la muerte su pan diario. Hoy en dia, los protagonistas han cambiando, Ya no son Rojos a Azules (ahora son uno solo, corruptos politicos que negocian nuestra riqueza al calor de un whiskey mal habido). Ahora son paramilitares, narcotraficantes y guerrilla, todos hambriento de un poder que el 'oro blanco' les proporciona. Solo una cosa no cambia, la victima. Recordemos esta fecha con tristeza pero tambien con valor para cambiar un pais del que ya nadie se acuerda, de un pais que solo figura en las paginas rojas de la prensa mundial, de un pais gobernado por criminales y terroristas de ultra-derecha. De una nacion que no se merece a sus dirigentes. -asi dia a dia los siga eligiendo. Quien mato a Gaitan?... Juan Roa Sierra figurara los anaqueles de la Justicia como el hombre que perpetro un crimen que a muchos les convenia. Por que no reafirmar lo que ya es harto sabido por nosotoros?... Existio la mano negra de la CIA en procura de arradicar de su patio de recreo cualquier sombra de Socialismo?... Si, y encontro en sus politicos corruptos los socios adecuados para marcar con sangre a toda una nacion.

Pica aca para leer una resena hecha por Eduardo Galeano sobre el 9 de Abril.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gilbert and George


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Leopard lady collection

Mmmm Kerlames and Pabon Rabon surely remember this beauty.
(I have already singed up my membership)

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Friday, April 06, 2007

rosa salvaje

Rosa salvaje ("Wild Rose" or "Wild Rosa") is a Mexican telenovela that was broadcasted in 1987. It starred the popular Mexican actress Verónica Castro, who played the main character, "Rosa", co-starring with Guillermo Capetillo as her love interest and Laura Zapata as the villain of the story.

This telenovela was a huge success in Mexico, Latin America, Russia, China and the United States and provided the template for numerous other South American soap operas in terms of story, plot twists and characters for years to come.

Rosa salvaje es una telenovela mexicana estrenada en 1987. Protagonizada por la eterna diva Veronica Castro, co protagonizada por Guillermo Capetillo y Laura Zapata, la mala del paseo.

Esta novela barrio en Mexico, Latin America, Rusia, China y los Esatdps Unidos, igualmente sento las bases para futuras telenovelas en el continente. Muchas telenovelas se podrian llamar secuelas de Rosita salvaje, al igual que el mundo de la musica se vio lamentablemente contaminado por la secuel da Veronica... don Christian Castro, quien heredo de su madre el talento* y el estilacho. *sarcasmo.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I want to love you tender

Just to carry on with the saga of super trash musical video productions I want to share this Jewel dismally performed by Finish artists Army and Danny once upon the 80's (of course).

Siguiendo con la saga de super trash video-producciones quiero compartir esta joya pobremente desempenada por los artistas Finlandeses Army & Danny,
por alla en los 80's por supuesto.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's only a line but I like it, I like it.

Después de un accidente en las islas Fiyi el año pasado, el guitarrista de los Rolling Stones Keith Richards, de 63 años, escribe otra página en su particular leyenda al asegurar que inhaló durante una juerga las cenizas de su padre, fallecido en el 2002. (leer). La entrevista fue realizada por la revista Britanica NME (rock) aqui se puede leer la entrevista original. Que divertido que es Keith Richards.

In an awesome interview given to British rock magazine NME, Rolling Stones lead guitar's Keith Richards admits having snorted the ashes of his own father. I could not help but laugh after reading that part of the interview. Well actually the whole article is very interesting for whose who love the BEST ROCK BAND EVER. (read)

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Poor Muse, alas, what ails thee, then, to-day?
Thy hollow eyes with midnight visions burn,

Upon thy brow in alternation play,

Folly and Horror, cold and taciturn.

Have the green lemure and the goblin red,
Poured on thee love and terror from their urn?

Or with despotic hand the nightmare dread

Deep plunged thee in some fabulous Minturne?

Would that the breast where so deep thoughts arise,
Breathed forth a healthful perfume with thy sighs;

Would that thy Christian blood ran wave by wave

In rhythmic sounds the antique numbers gave,
When Phoebus shared his alternating reign

With mighty Pan, lord of the ripening grain.

Charles Baudelaire

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Islas Malvinas hace 25 abriles

Hace 25 años, un siniestro régimen militar, cuya popularidad caía en picado, ordenó el desembarco de jóvenes soldados argentinos en las islas Malvinas sin una táctica ni una estrategia para enfrentar al poderío bélico británico. Preocupada por el creciente descontento popular, por la crisis económica y los atisbos de reorganización de los partidos políticos, la dictadura que gobernaba Argentina desde 1976 vio en la recuperación de la soberanía del archipiélago una oportunidad para alargar su agonía.(mas). dos interesantes videos en el link de abajo.

Cortos de 'iluminados por el fuego' 2005 Arg. Film basado en la guerra de las Malvinas.

1982: Argentina invades Falklands
Argentina has invaded the British territory of the Falkland Islands in the south Atlantic.

The islands, off the coast of Argentina, have been a cause of friction between the two countries since Britain claimed them in 1833. (read)

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Monday, April 02, 2007

eternal drafts, dusty, salty winds

Frank has just sent me this picture to my e-mail. He is an old friend of mine, a young brilliant lad I met two years ago.

Frank is a loner, so am I, he plays with fire, he's going beyond himself he often says. I can scarcely understand Frank's behavior, He loves Rossini and Albion. I prefer Rachmaninoff and Brahms. Both of us, dwell the murky night. The moon, reddish tonight, hides cunningly behind foggy, milky, dirty clouds. Frank goes beyond himself, I remain still watching the boats sailing away towards the sun, Frank lives in the sun, Frank is made of fire, and plays with it. I left him sail, eternal drafts, dusty, salty winds will push his ship to a circular flame, in which we all shall die.