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Tom Wesselman

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wesselmann was drafted into the Army for the Korean War. Afterward, he studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and later at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science, Art and architecture in New York City. While still at the Cooper Union Wesselmann learned to paint, his initial purpose of going into art was to become a cartoonist. His early work was heavily influenced by the abstract expressionist painters, especially Willem de Kooning. His art became more popular in the 1960s and had his first one-man exhibition in 1962 at the Tanager Gallery, New York. After that, his art made it to several other exhibitions such as the Young America exhibition in 1965, Whitney Museum, New York. Read more.

Jasper Johns: an American pop artist.

He is best known for his painting Flag (1954-55). His work is often described as a 'Neo-Dadaist', as opposed to Pop Art, even though his subject matter often includes images and objects from popular culture. Still, many compilations on Pop Art include Jasper Johns as a Pop Artist because of his artistic use of classical iconography. For example, his flag paintings create new depth and texture to the American Flag. More information here

A great artist apropos of the new set of music for 'trapecista's radioblog'.

Kyle Ranson

Kyle Damon Ranson was born July 31st, 1969 in Manhattan. He grew up in New York and Connecticut and in 1987 began to attend The Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He dropped out after three semesters to pursue art on his own. In 1994 he moved to San Francisco and began to slowly root himself in the underground art scene. He became an activist and an outreach worker around issues ofhomelessness and needle exchange. Kyle still lives and works in San Francisco.

"My main concern in my paintings is the human condition and the crossroads we face, in particular.
We are complex creatures. We shout "Peace!" with bloody swords thrust in the air. It's a rare thing when we are able to contain our duel nature in a whole. My paintings capture those moments in between when people either throw in the towel or rise above, become self actualized. This in between place before decisions are made.An amoral place where you're just another animal doing…

Paul McCarthy (Not McCartney)

Here there are two great drawings by Paul McCarthy, one of my favourite artists.

Paul McCarthy (born in 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah) is a performance artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California.
He studied art at the University of Utah in 1969. He went on the study at the San Francisco Art Institute getting his B.F.A. in painting. Then in 1972 he studied film, video, and art at the University of Southern California getting his M.F.A.
McCarthy began his art career with performances that employed gravity as a literal and metaphorical vehicle. By 1974 his work became far more aggressive and sexually provocative. His performances have been described as brutally self-assaultive.

Land of Giants by Irwin Allen

The 22nd of September, in 1968, "land of giants" was broadcasted for the very first time on Sunday at 7:00pm in the ABC in the States. "Land of Giants" was created by Irwin Allen who also will be regarded as the creator of some of the best 60's sci-fi T.V series namely "Voyage to the bottom of the sea", "Lost in space" and "time tunnel" just to mention a few. We had the chance to watch them on T.V. -in Colombia- towards the beginning of the 80's but I have been informed by my parents and aunties that these series were also popular during mid 60's and 70's. For more info on Irwin Allen please click here. For more info on "land of giants" please clik over here.

PS: Irwin Allen's shows were also known for being one of the first shows which included African-American actors playing leading roles. -some political correctness I think-.

Luis Sepúlveda, "diario de un killer sentimental"

Diario de un killer sentimental: en esta novela corta, un asesino a sueldo rompe todas las reglas de su profesión al enamorarse perdidamete, y de paso lleva al lector desde ParÍs hasta Madrid y desde Estambúl hasta México en busca de su próxima vÍctima -un objetivo bastante escurridizo-.

De la misma manera en "yacaré" un detective privado que labora para una companÍa de seguros en Zurich decide pasarse por la faja sus propios lÍmites y siguiendo su olfato de viejo ex-policia introduce a los lectores en cual su cosmogonÍa gira en torno a los "yacaré" pequenos pero valiosos caimánes.

La verdad que me divertÍ bastante con estas dos novelas cortas de Luis Sepúlveda, en las que el autor explora el genero policiaco que siempre le ha gustado.

"Diario de un Killer sentimental". In this short novel, a hitman breaking the rules of his profession as he falls in love, takes us from Paris to Madrid and from Istambul to Mexico searching for his next victim - a very elusi…

Nossa!!! una viejera cortesia de KRS.

En companÍa de KRS hemos montado un par de canciones de antanio. "decimo grado" de Ana y Jaime y "otro ocupa mi lugar" de el recientemente fallecido Miguel Gallardo(el favorito de mis tias). Buena música ahora que he decidido limpiar mi habitación en este verano.

P.S. Just if AGK comes around... "O Barquinho!... Nossa!

Sunday 06:31am. Sleep deprivation.

Sunday, 06:33am. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. Who cares anyway. I can't be fucking bother. Today I stopped by the shop.
List of products.
2 brushes. (1 flat and 1 round) they were in sale. Flipping cheap. -the quality is poor though-.
1 set of indian ink. £12.99 but the set is made of 6 colours, the quality in pretty good.
2 pieces of mount-board. Cheap cheap material. I cannot afford quality paper.
1. little bottle of PVA. AKA fucking colbon. (it sounds like cold-bone).

From the off license
1. Can of tuna fish.
1. Bag of slice bread (it taste like a piece of carpet but without the pattern).
1 box of eggs. (I smashed one by accident so I'm not having eggs next Saturday).
1 box of paracetamol.
1. can od 7up. (If I had my own brand I'd call it 7down, more attuned to my mood).

I watched 15 minutes of Portugal V Germany and I found out that sometimes football is much better than Valium. Portugal V Germany = I fell asleep, consequently I managed to stay up from 22:00 (roughly) …

Going Home...***

"going home" by Ten Years After during their performance at
Woodstock 1969 -short version-

I recall watching this video almost twice a month in that bar in Bogota,
amongst the smoke and the smell of the cheap brandy, tacky perfume and
sweaty hands holding cigarrettes.

*** please stop "trapecista's radio blog" before playing the video.

Winter, sometimes I wonder.....

Sometimes I wonder why someone who has not got the guts to jump lives in a room full of windows?... Yeah God, I thought you were maths but now I have seen your real face... you are just an old fat drunkard...

Illustration by Ferney (as usual)

Siete cosas que nadie sabe de mi... (conque puedo mentir)

Aceptando la tarea que gloqui me dejo en la cajita de mensajes me dispongo a enumerar siete secretos que nadie sabe sobre mi (de saberlo no serian secretos). Para empezar, estuve dandole una mirada a los siete secretos de otros blogeros y la verdad la mayoria terminan siendo un listado de "siete cosas" que me gustan o no, o "siete caracteristicas de mi personalidad". Asi que para dejarnos de bobadas voy a revelar "siete cosas que mucha gente no sabe de mi" (teniendo en cuenta que el 99.9999% de los blogeros no me conocen en persona pues tampoco me afecta demasiado el resultado de estas terribles revelaciones -menos interesantes que las de la Virgen de Fatima pero mas trascendentales en mi vida cotidiana. Here I go....

1. Soy dislexico desde chiquito.

2. Las mujeres con la que he estado alguna vez en mi vida ya estan felizmente casadas y tiene hijos y hogares estables.

3. Estuve preso por 48 horas. La razon no es importante, sin embargo no me arrepiento.

4. Nu…

World e-book fair, download loads of books for free.

In order to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the publication of the first e-book, the Gutenberg Organization and The world e-book library have organised the first world e-book fair it will take part from the 4th of July to the 4th of August 2006.During this month users are able to download more than 300.000 titles absolutely for free directly to their computers. Once the user downloads the e-book s/he can read its content on the screen of a desktop, laptop ar a PDA such palm or windows by using a small program provided by the website and which is downloaded at the same time with the chosen e-book.You can access to the website by logging in at http://www.worldebookfair.comThe organisers are due to increase the volume of book up to 900.000 e-books by the 2009.The virtual library is made of hundreds of books covering a huge range of subjects and written in more than 100 languages.I had a go this morning and it really has what they offered, yet I have not download any book but I shall …

Balck dove, black dove. wherever are you?

I found this absolutely beautiful song, it's called "Paloma negra" "Black Dove" by Tomas Mendez. The singer is Chavela Vargas (pictured above). You can see a translation into english language below this lines.

I'm tired of sweeping and yet there's no sign of the sun,
I no longer know whether to curse you or pray for you,
I'm afraid to look for you and afraid to find you,
where my friends all tell me that you have gone.

At times I feel like reliquishing the fight,
and ripping out the nails that cause my pain,
but my eyes are dying without looking into yours,
and my affection returns to wait for you at dawn.

And you decided on your own to find a party,
Black dove, black dove, wherever are you?
stop playing with my honour, party girl,
your caresses must be mine, and no one else's.

And though I love you madly, don't come back to me,
Black dove, you're the bars on this cage of suffering,
I want to be free and live my life with whom I choose,
ord, give me str…

Hector Lavoe "La Voz" **

I remember clearly that day, it was Friday afternoon, my cousin had borught a LP (remember those huge black dics) in a blue cover and a typographic design on it that said "FANIA" and below it written in little letters "all stars". That day there was a big party at her friend's house, I was a little boy and I asked her about that disc, she said to me that was salsa music. At the time I did not know many things about salsa and moreover I was not even interested in it. She played the LP and told me several stories when "FANIA ALL STARS" came first to city to the stadium and made people dance since then and forever. She left our house that Friday afternoon and headed to the party promising to bring the LP on monday for I wanted to listen to it again and make a copy in a 60 MIN MAXWELL TAPE. That Friday changed my life forever, I came across the best salsa band ever, (a year later I went trhough a similar situation with the Rolling Stones and another LP th…

Illustrations, music, a double shot of Jack Daniel's and a Lucky Strike (no-filter).

I am pleased to introduce to you, my dear readers (which by now I reckon are four of five -excluding us of course-) my very good friend KERLMES*, who has sent the illustration displayed above. Kerlames has got a web blog plenty of information about literature, music, illustration, art and much more. So please have a go and get mesmerised by its superb content.

*mainly in Spanish language