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No more sorrow.
No more sadness.
Freezing balls...
Forzen heart.
I am back... to nowhere...
How is that over there bro?

Music by the decemberits, "Los Angeles, I am yours".


marts said…

may your brave heart rest in peace at -30 C, we all deserve quietness, peace and rest sometimes. Like the spirit of Volan lives on, so shall the mystery of the long-absent Darko.

rxgli are the letters I had to type in for word verification before I could submit this post. Isn't it strange? Now I present them to you: "rxgli". Maybe they contain a clue. Who can tell?

sisyphus said…
Here is my answer... a bit criptic but I am sure with Volan's soul's help and the celestial engine you built up, you will decipher it...

the cue is:

nsmjncaf (in wich n has an algoritmic form)

Good luck!

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